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About Us

More than a school, Lincoln Elementary is a second home for children, prioritizing their well-being as our foremost responsibility. Our mission is to cultivate a love of learning by providing an innovative, enjoyable, and effective educational environment. The dedicated staff at Lincoln Elementary is committed to creating a safe space where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially, instilling in them a lifelong passion for learning and a sense of responsibility for themselves and their community.

At Lincoln Elementary, our teaching staff collaboratively works towards improving student learning, emphasizing English Language Arts, Math, Writing, and Science through quality instruction. Our focus on rigor, academic vocabulary, higher-order questioning techniques, and common formative assessments aims to nurture critical thinkers and problem solvers. As Lincoln Leopards, our students are prepared to explore the world with creativity and curiosity. Join the Lincoln family, where every child's potential is unlocked, and a world-class education is not just a promise but a reality.