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In the quest for excellence, we promote the love of learning, to create a caring, nurturing environment where everyone is empowered to develop intellectually, physically, aesthetically, and emotionally in a challenging, child centered environment.


Lincoln Elementary School

36111 Bettencourt Street

Newark, CA 94560

Phone 510-818-3500 Fax 510 793-3446

Email address  [email protected]

Office Hours 7:45 am – 3:30 pm Monday- Thursday

Fridays 7:45 am – 3:00 pm

Mrs Lizaday Rancap-Perez, Principal

Mrs. Ann Nicolas, Office Manager

Mrs. Angelica Garrido, Office Clerk



School Hours
Grades Transitional Kindergarten – 6

8:30 – 2:50 Monday-Friday

Due to COVID- School is in session but school campuses are closed. To ensure the health and safety of our staff, you and your family, we are asking that school business be handled viz phone, electronic communication, or video conferencing. We understand that sometimes these means of communicating will not be what we need. In those situations, we ask that families call or email to schedule an in person appointment. Even though campuses are closed, we are “here” to support you. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. As always, we appreciate your support of your student(s), our teachers, and our school.


La escuela está en sesión pero los planteles escolares están cerrados. Para asegurar la salud y seguridad de nuestro personal, la de usted, y su familia, les pedimos que los asunto escolares sean manejados a través del teléfono, comunicación electrónica, o video conferencias. Comprendemos que a veces estas formas de comunicación no sean lo que necesitamos. En esas situaciones, les cerrados, estamos “aquí” para ayudarle. No duden en comunicarse con nosotros con preguntas o preocupaciones. Como siempre, apreciamos su apoyo a nuestro(s) estudiant(s), nuestros maestros, y a nuestra escuela.




Absences-Please call the school OFFICE at 510-818-3500 to report an absence. If you leave a voice message we will forward it to the teacher’s voice mail along with any requests for homework. Homework requested is available in the office after 2:35.

Appointments- If your child is going to be late due to an appointment we need a note from the doctor, dentist, etc. to excuse the time missed.


OUR MASCOTleopard picture

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If it is not RIGHT, I will not do it.

If it is not MINE, I will not take it.

If it is not TRUE, I will not say it.

I will be KIND.

I will be SAFE.

I will RESPECT people and property.

I will DO MY BEST at all times!



Please check our lost & found box if you’ve misplaced any items.



Newark Unified School District Information

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Enrollment & Boundaries: determine home school by address

Child Nutrition: lunch and breakfast menus, meal pricing, free/reduced lunch applications

Child Care: services, fees, locations, hours

Library Catalog: search each site’s library collection

Engagement Opportunities: find ways to get involved

Feedback/Concerns: let us know what’s on your mind

Student Resources: curriculum, study aides, extracurricular opportunities

Student Health: medication authorizations, medical alerts, health needs, and resources to connect with services in our community

Bullying Prevention: resources to prevent and stop bullying

Flyer Distribution: get your word out to our students and families

Parent/Guardian Workshops: attend workshops, and/or suggest topics for future workshops

California Law and Immigration update | Actualización de Ley e Inmigración de California en Espanol

Immigration-Enforcement Actions at California Schools: Guide for Students and Families


Know Your Educational Rights

This is a resource from the office of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, find more information and resources here: https://www.oag.ca.gov/bcj

Your Child has the Right to a Free Public Education
  • All children in the United States have a Constitutional right to equal access to free public education, regardless of immigration status and regardless of the immigration status of the students’ parents or guardians.
  • In California:
    • All children have the right to a free public education.
    • All children ages 6 to 18 years must be enrolled in school.
      • All students and staff have the right to attend safe, secure, and peaceful schools.
      • All students have a right to be in a public school learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying, violence, and intimidation.
      • All students have equal opportunity to participate in any program or activity offered by the school, and cannot be discriminated against based on their race, nationality, gender, religion, or immigration status, among other characteristics.
Information Required for School Enrollment
  • When enrolling a child, schools must accept a variety of documents from the student’s parent or guardian to demonstrate proof of child’s age or residency.
  • You never have to provide information about citizenship/immigration status to have your child enrolled in school. Also, you never have to provide a Social Security number to have your child enrolled in school.
Confidentiality of Personal Information
  • Federal and state laws protect student education records and personal information. These laws generally require that schools get written consent from parents or guardians before releasing student information, unless the release of information is for educational purposes, is already public, or is in response to a court order or subpoena.
  • Some schools collect and provide publicly basic student “directory information.” If they do, then each year, your child’s school district must provide parents/guardians with written notice of the school’s directory information policy, and let you know of your option to refuse release of your child’s information in the directory.
Family Safety Plans if You Are Detained or Deported
  • You have the option to provide your child’s school with emergency contact information, including the information of secondary contacts, to identify a trusted adult guardian who can care for your child in the event you are detained or deported.
  • You have the option to complete a Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit or a Petition for Appointment of Temporary Guardian of the Person, which may enable a trusted adult the authority to make educational and medical decisions for your child.
Right to File a Complaint
  • Your child has the right to report a hate crime or file a complaint to the school district if he or she is discriminated against, harassed, intimidated, or bullied on the basis of his or her actual or perceived nationality, ethnicity, or immigration status.