Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Once again we are on our way to a successful year! Thank you all for your wonderful help and support as we begin the new school year. I enjoyed seeing many of you at our Back-to-School Night. One of the most important facets of a successful school year is open communication and cooperation between home and school. I welcome your comments and questions and I am happy to set up appointments to discuss any concerns.

This year fall conferences will take place Monday, November 10, 14th through November 17th. Teachers will be sending home conference schedules Our parent-teacher conferences offer an important opportunity for parents and teachers to share information about the child. The purposes of fall conferences are:

· To build rapport with your child’s teacher

· To learn about your child’s performance on early classroom assessments and assignments

· To understand the content standard and expectations for your child’s new grade level.

· To set goals for your child with the teacher, which will be measured on the standards-based report card, which will go home in November

Parents can make the most of their child’s conference time by using some of the suggestions listed below.

Before You Go:

· Think about what you want to tell the teacher about your child. Is there anything you would like to tell the teacher that would help her better understand your child?

· How does your child feel about school?

· What special interests does your child have?

Ask your child what s/he would like you to talk to the teacher about. And what s/he would like you to look at in the room..

At the Conference:

· Arrive on time! Be aware that other parents are waiting for their conferences and use your time wisely.

· Ask questions about any part of the school program that concerns you?

The teacher will be prepared to tell you about your child’s school work. Here are some questions you might ask:

* What are my child’s strongest subjects?

* What areas need improvement?

* What can I do to help my child – and what can I do to help him help himself.

When you get home:

· Be sure to tell your child the positive things that were said at the conference.

· Keep communicating with the teacher about your child throughout the year, through notes, email, or voice mail messages.

If you have any other special concerns, please contact your child’s teacher or me. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at fall conferences, as well as at the many wonderful social events that PALS has planned throughout the year. Thank you again for your support of Lincoln Elementary. It is truly a pleasure to work with you!


Angela Ehrlich